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Dimmuborgir Black Lava Field Visitor Center...

Dimmuborgir Black Lava Field Visitor Center. Kogemuse võrra rikkam...

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reede, 13. detsember 2019

Tamayouz Excellence Award celebrates eighth cycle in Amman, Jordan

Al-Umma pargi võistlus sai 7.12.2019 piduliku lõpetuse. Loominguline kollektiiv "Della Gondola" ehk siis Anna Belova, Sulev Nurme ja Sten Juur finišeerisid 99-st tööst esimese 5 seas. 

"First place winner: Tha’er Qub’a Consultant Architects from Jordan, who won a $6000 cash prize, as well as a certificate. Second place winner: 2 X 1 Architects from Turkey, who received a $3000 cash prize, as well as a certificate. Third place winner: Marcin Kitala from Poland, who received a $1000 cash prize, as well as a certificate. hree honourable mentions for the Dewan Award 2019 were present to receive their certificates, including: 
  • Hamdy Hefnawy from Egypt, who received the certificate on behalf of his team members Mennatullah Ezzat and Ahmed Sayed Mostafa Abdelgafar.
  • Hebah Qatanany from the UAE.
  • Della Gondola from Estonia, received by Sulev Nurme on behalf of his team members Sten Juur and Anna Belova", kirjutatakse Tamayouzi lehel.

Della Gondola võistlustööd saab näha siit.

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Al Umma Park Competition First Ten...

Della Gondola (Sulev Nurme, Sten Juur and Anna Belova); Tartu, Estonia
“The design concept is simple and implementable, with the project’s connections via the urban edges well-thought through, layered and detailed. The project’s underground design is successful, and it features a very interesting design of Al Umma Cultural Centre. We also commend the diagrammatic representation of the proposal, which incorporates the two squares in the plot of the park, as well as the traffic connection with the urban fabric. However, the architectural treatment of the required building appears a bit exaggerated and out of scale with the surroundings.”

"The winners were selected from a shortlist of 20 submissions, which was released in September 2019. The shortlisted finalists were chosen from a larger pool of 99 submissions from 29 countries. Selection of the finalists was based off criteria set in the award’s brief, such as responding to the site’s conditions and offering solutions that are mindful of the park’s existing structures and monuments, as well as the needs of the local context and community. To read about the other finalists for the Dewan Award for Architecture, please visit Tamayouz’s website."

Ancient and Veteran Tree Wildlife

"Veteran trees provide nutrition, shelter and anchorage to a whole ecosystem of species and the richness of species a tree supports generally increases with age. Deadwood is an ephemeral habitat, it will decompose over time creating rot holes in the branches and hollow trunks that are used as nesting sites by many species of birds bats. Veteran trees support a huge quantity and diversity of invertebrates that can also act as food for nesting animals.

Veteran trees in wood pasture are also particularly valuable for epiphytes such as lichens, mosses and liverworts. These groups are particularly rich on old open grown trees because these trees provide nice light surfaces to colonise, but also because these groups have a slow colonisation and succession rate so it can take decades to develop the rich communities."


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